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When are you most likely to feel professional jealousy? It’s something that many people don’t even want to think about. Admitting to yourself that you feel jealous of someone at work is tough. It feels childish and no adult likes to feel that way.

Still, recognizing when you feel jealous of colleagues and teammates is very important. It prevents you from acting jealous. It can prevent jealous behaviors from ruining you and your future. So take a deep breath and use this list to help you overcome any professional jealousy brewing inside you.

Professional Jealousy Behaviors: Image is quote "Jealousy is just a lack of self-confidence."

Professional Jealousy: Prevent These Behaviors From Ruining You & Your Future.

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Professional Jealousy: Prevent These Behaviors From Ruining You

Professional jealousy will never help you succeed. Some people think professional jealousy makes them work harder. It doesn’t. Admiring others may spur you to emulate their strengths. However, jealousy keeps you stuck in your low self-esteem and lack of confidence.

  1. Instead of feeling jealous that someone else was promoted, reassess your career goals. What do you want and what must *you do to achieve it? Jealousy won’t get you there. Developing your skills will!

  2. Rather than isolating or sabotaging someone you’re jealous of, build a network of connections that can help mentor and coach you.

  3. Instead of seething with jealousy of “why them and not me”, find out what qualities and skills do the decision makers want from you?

  4. And be careful of skewed vision!

  5. Rather than grabbing credit for other’s success, look closely at the time, effort, and hard work that got them success. When you feel jealous it’s likely that you see only the other person’s highlight reel and not full picture.

  6. Instead of jealously talking down to them which will demean yourself in everyone’s eyes, make a list of your strengths and natural talents. Think about how you will apply those talents to move ahead in your career!

  7. And talk to your own ego.

  8. Your insecure ego doesn’t have to drive you to jealous behaviors. Tell your ego, “Relax, I’m safe. You don’t have to protect me now. I’m learning and growing.” In other words, develop and enjoy these remarkable benefits of a peaceful ego.

  9. Instead of obsessing about other’s success, grab that time for focusing on how great you are and what’s ahead for you. If you feel stuck, make a change. When you feel jealous, ask yourself why. What’s the fear and insecurity that is stifling your maturity?

Key Message About Professional Jealousy

Professional jealousy is not only a dead-end move for your career, showing it to others can label you as insecure and childish. Instead of that, make smarter choices and show them your unique strengths and talents. Say goodbye forever to the insecure jealous child within and hello to your secure self. Admire others for their strengths and celebrate yours as well!

What else can help people overcome their feelings of professional jealousy?

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