Professional People Skills – Mindset to the SkillSet

People Skills Mindset to the Skillset by:Adrian Midgley

Professional people skills (soft skills) are more than a skill set. The mindset to the skillset is key to your professional people skills.  Your mindset at any moment impacts and sometimes directs how you act and what you say.  In effect, your mindset can determine the success you have in interacting with others even after you have taken professional people skills training.

From one mindset to another. The impact of mindset is very clear when you switch from one role to another. Have you switched careers lately – from business person to teacher, from sales to customer service, from team member to team leader, from technical professional to business technical liaison (to name just a few)? If you do not switch your mindset, you may find that the people skills that served you before, fail you now. Adjust your mindset and your professional people skills will adjust as well. A different position requires different people skills performance.

Stressed or not. When you feel pressured or annoyed, your mindset could lead to disastrous interactions with others. Take a moment to reset your mindset before speaking. Here’s a post with images to change your mindset when stressed out with customers: 5 Things to Think with Rude Customers.

All or nothing. Professionals with a strong technical or structured focus (technology, medicine, engineering, finance, law etc…) often put their mindset completely on that technical or structured focus. When they do, interactions with non-technical people suffer. The mindset of rigorous structure spills over into the human interactions and blocks successful bonds. Picture a doctor talking to a patient, finance professional working on a diverse team, an I/T pro working with clients or business leaders to identify solutions to business challenges. To connect in these situations, step outside of the rigorous structure when communicating. With this alternate mindset, you will see a significant difference in your people-skills.
How else does mindset impact your professional people skills?

Kate Nasser, The People-Skills Coach, inspires and teaches outstanding people skills to organizations, companies, and large conference audiences with humor, experience, and practical application. Kate improves communication skills that bridge the gaps of diversity, personality types, and geographic/cultural differences. View footage of her workshops and preview her new DVD on this site.

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