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You can have long-term long-lasting success in your career and business with the following professional people skills secret. Use a thick skin and a warm heart. People say that if you have one you can’t have the other. Not true. Here’s the inside scoop in this video from Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™.

Professional People Skills Secret: Image is an aloe plant.

Professional People Skills: Thick Skin & Warm Heart. Image by stephalicious vis Flickr Creative Commons License.

Image by stephalicious via Flickr Creative Commons License.

Professional People Skills Secret: Thick Skin & Warm Heart

Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

The professional people skills secret for tremendous success.

    Professional People Skills Secret: Key Questions About Thick Skin

  1. How can you have a *thick skin and a *warm heart? Doesn’t a thick skin mean you are tough to the core? No it doesn’t. It means that you believe in yourself. When you do that you can withstand other’s criticism. At the same time, your self-confidence allows you to show sincere respect for others and diverse views.

  2. Does having a thick skin mean allowing others to verbally abuse you? No. Verbal abuse, where someone is insulting you with demeaning and/or profane words, is not acceptable. Yet instead of abusing back, state simply that you treat others with basic respect and expect the same in return. This shows self-confidence. It sets limits respectfully and gives abusers a clear path to treating you well.

  3. How will others know that your thick skin is not fear of conflict and speaking up? Because having a thick skin doesn’t mean being silent. For example, if someone says that you are not exceptional in your work, ask them to give you some examples? Listen to what they say. This is a thick skin in action. It also shows that you are confident enough to learn and grow.

  4. Professional People Skills Secret: Key Questions About Warm Heart

  5. Doesn’t having a warm heart cloud your objectivity? What a myth! It is left over from years of believing in IQ but not emotional intelligence. A warm heart allows you to speak honestly with care. Words matter and a warm heart helps you pick the right words and tone of voice. Empathy does not stop you from making sound decisions.

  6. Won’t people walk all over me if I use a warm heart. This is the most common question about a warm heart and empathy. Using empathy and a warm heart doesn’t mean you surrender your self-respect. It doesn’t mean you agree with other’s views. What it does do is create respectful interactions that unleash positive results in business.

  7. Career Implications

  8. Do leaders think a warm heart means you are not tough enough to move up into leadership and management? Some traditional leaders want to see that you are decisive. So the issue here is not whether you have a warm heart but whether you waiver when you must make a decision. Moreover, modern-day leadership thinking is that emotional intelligence is essential to being a leader or a manager. If you are in a department or company that doesn’t embrace this, consider working for a company that does.

What questions or comments do you have on this topic?

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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