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Pushing Boundaries Can Push Others Away Forever

Pushing boundaries can expand our success if we don’t push others around and trample their wishes and needs. If we do, we lose far more than we gain. We may even push people away forever. Repeatedly trampling people’s needs and apologizing destroys trust. Here’s a far better approach to success.

Pushing Boundaries: Image says don't repeatedly push others and apologize. Risky pattern.

Pushing Boundaries: Push Too Hard & We Lose.

Pushing Boundaries: Think Collaborating Not Conquering

As catchy as the motto “Don’t ask for permission, beg for forgiveness” sounds, it presents only two choices when there are many more. Why lock ourselves into two choices when other options minimize the risk of trampling others and still bring us success?

Selfishly forging ahead can ignite our own momentum, yet it also:

  • Creates resentment if we do it repeatedly to the same person(s)
  • Distances people from us as we come across as conquerors
  • Reduces our chance of getting help from others we trample
  • Destroys trust
  • Lessens the chance others will forgive us when we are truly sorry
  • Ignites revenge

All of this is unnecessary. Replace the “don’t ask for permission beg for forgiveness” motto with:

  1. Asking for other’s perspectives not their permission
  2. Listening to their views to hear their needs
  3. Staying open to possibilities vs. our own singular vision
  4. Collaborating and succeeding
  5. Showing gratitude when others help you

When we rise above our own egos, we see that considering others needs doesn’t mean we lose. It doesn’t mean we are children asking for permission. Knowing how our actions impact others creates success without leaving a trail of revenge that will haunt us forever.

How do you feel when people repeatedly trample you & then say sorry?

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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