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Are the benefits you get from having a peaceful ego worth the effort and discipline it takes to create it? I say absolutely. Others will say no. Still others may claim the only way to know is to work at it and then decide. Well, I have another idea. Ask people who have a peaceful ego if it was worth the effort. By the way, here’s my response.

Peaceful Ego: Image is a stack of zen meditation stones.

The Remarkable Benefits of a Quiet Peaceful Ego. Image by julochka via Flickr Creative Commons License.

Image by julochka via Flickr Creative Commons License.

The 13 Remarkable Benefits of a Peaceful Ego

Consider all the things you gain from having a peaceful ego. This list is just a beginning. As you read through it, think of your own life and add to the list.

  1. Wonderful feeling of security when people attack. There will always be moments when people insult you. Whether a surprise or expected, these moments won’t tear you apart. Your ego gives you balance. So nice!

  2. Powerful reputation that gives you personal and professional success. Just picture how many people will want to work with you and your peaceful ego. It’s a tremendous draw!

  3. Immune to manipulation. When your ego is balanced and at peace, you are less susceptible to people manipulating you. They can’t stroke an ego that doesn’t want anything.

  4. Trust magnet. Your quiet peaceful ego builds trust. Others see your inner peace and believe that you won’t use or attack them to make yourself look or feel better.

  5. Fewer Distractions – More Learning

  6. Heightened listening. A quiet ego that isn’t screaming inside of you lets you hear what others say, don’t say, need, and mean. Just imagine how easier life and work are when you truly understand others.

  7. More accurate deductions. An insecure ego skews our perceptions that taint our deductions. A quiet secure ego lets us see more clearly and that gives us more accurate deductions. The result is more productive interactions with others.

  8. Success with fewer detours. When you ego is at peace, you don’t take as many side trips to ego land. You spend less time churning over what people say and do to you. It’s not that you become an unfeeling machine. You are just a far stronger human that can stay on course even in emotionally difficult moments. Most everything becomes a lesson learned and you love it.

  9. Specific Professional Gains of Peaceful Ego

  10. Masterful leadership. Leaders with peaceful egos lead and lead morale very well. They are balanced and caring. They inspire and model balanced behaviors that team members develop. Even when they must deliver tough messages and bad news, they do it without attacking or dumping on those they lead. Who wouldn’t want to work with a leader who has a peaceful ego?

  11. Valued team member. Similarly, team members love teammates whose egos don’t crash down on others. Teammates with inner strength and peaceful egos are a pleasure.

  12. Sales success. A sales person who is confident and not egotistical will outsell an egomaniac every day. A sales rep with a quiet ego listens and cares about others. This is a no brainer!

  13. Career growth. If you want to be promoted, show not only your occupational skill but also your secure peaceful ego. It tells everyone in leadership that you can handle tough moments with confidence and feedback with an open-mind.

  14. Service excellence. To serve customers, you must have a thick skin and a warm heart. Your peaceful ego gives you just that.

  15. Celebratory unpretentious success. A peaceful ego lets you celebrate your successes without being cocky. This preserves the respect and trust others have in you.

And quite possibly, a life that’s truly yours.

After many years of working on myself with the help of those I trusted, I can say that my peaceful ego gives me something that nothing else can — a life that is truly mine. When tough times come, I still feel grounded, alive, and hopeful. I can understand my reactions. Most of the time I can moderate them. When I falter in that, I can apologize with a full heart and no excuses. My peaceful ego tells me, “It’s OK. Don’t be afraid to say you’re sorry and care about others. I’ve got you.”

What benefits have YOU experienced from a peaceful ego (yours or other’s)?

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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