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Over the many years I have worked with leaders, I have seen their leadership fears kill morale. Sometimes the leaders aren’t aware of their fears. Unfortunately their lack of self-awareness often blinds them to employees’ low morale. Here’s a five-point checklist of leadership fears that kill morale. Use it now to assess how well you are doing as a leader!

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Checklist: 5 Leadership Fears That Kill Morale

Here’s a subset of morale-killing leadership fears from the new book Leading Morale. Leaders of all levels and experience use it to build their self-awareness and lead morale.

Fear that …

  1. You will lose control if you engage employees’ ideas. False. Engagement builds respect for the leader and loads of buy-in.

  2. If you show understanding, you will seem weak. False. Great leaders show strength without leaving scars. They combine compassion and objectivity.

  3. Addressing human issues will trap you in a quagmire of emotion. False. Ignoring tough human issues gives those issues oxygen, water, and deep roots. Now that’s a real quagmire!

  4. Honoring individual talents will undermine teamwork. Oh boy is this false. Honor and celebrate each employee’s talents and they will contribute more. The old saying “there is no I in team” should be sent to the dumpster. Replace that belief with all the talented “I’s” that comprise your teams.

  5. Admitting your mistakes (and even apologizing) will undermine your authority. False. In fact, it models and builds a culture of learning and accountability. Watch morale soar as people realize they can learn and grow on the job.

Leadership fears cripple leaders and those they lead. Become courageously self-aware! Your emotional intelligence and strength will lead everyone to great morale and top performance.

What other leadership fears have lowered or killed your morale?

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Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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2 Responses to “Remove These Leadership Fears That Kill Morale | #LeadMorale”

  1. Farrukh says:

    Fear always create turbulent situation in workplace and bring down the moral of workforce.

    • Kate Nasser says:

      It sure can Farrukh. So many leaders need to rethink their fear focused leadership style. I hope you can join us tonight on Twitter in #LeadMorale global chat 9pmEDT — we will be discussing the topic: High Morale Instead of Fear.

      Thanks for your insights here.

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