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To respect cultural diversity, start with learning how to pronounce other people’s names. In any work setting, you are bound to meet people from different cultures with names you’ve rarely heard. If you’re not sure how to pronounce their names, ask them. It shows you care about getting to know them. Moreover, it shows that you respect cultural diversity.

I recently read Irish names you are probably saying wrong and rules to pronounce them right. This effort is valuable. There’s a great deal of human connection in knowing someone’s name and pronouncing it correctly. Here are the reasons why.

Respect Cultural Diversity: Image is name tags saying Hello My Name Is

Respect Cultural Diversity: What’s in a Name? Everything!!

Respect Cultural Diversity: Pronouncing People’s Names Correctly Matters!

  1. When you meet people for the first time showing respect is essential. Learning to pronounce their names correctly shows great respect.

  2. Pronouncing their names correctly (or at least attempting to) honors who they are. People’s names are one expression of who they are.

  3. It sends a message of inclusion and belonging instead of hinting they must assimilate completely and lose who they are. Also, belonging is a key factor for morale at work and many newcomers wonder if they will belong.

  4. Engaging them by saying their name correctly, awakens their desire to contribute all their talents, knowledge, and experience to the group/team.

  5. It helps build a group culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Setting this example feeds the long term behavior of inclusion and belonging. This is key to leading morale.

A Simple True Story to Illustrate

I was on a train and a woman and her young child boarded and sat in front of me. The woman looked back at me and asked if this was the train to New York. I answered yes and then I asked the little girl, What is your name? She told me and it was a name I had never heard. I repeated her name and happened to get the pronunciation right. She looked at her mother and said, Mommy, she is the first person to ever say my name right the first time! The look on her face was the happiness of being acknowledged, included, and respected. And by the way, we don’t grow out of that feeling.

What’s in a name? So much more than you think! Learn how to pronounce other people’s names correctly and see the respect you give them create a valuable bond.

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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