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Do you respect feelings & views of others even when they seem odd or opposite yours? Are you prone to talking about how weird they are? When you have much to say about lives you never lived, you show and reinforce your bias toward your own views. Turn that around! Respect feelings of others and you can overcome your bias.

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Overcome Bias: Respect Feelings — You may have never walked their road before.

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Respect Feelings & Views to Overcome Your Bias!

  1. Don’t look down on feelings. Many think that logic is more important than feelings. Yet, they are both important and they co-exist.

  2. Be curious. Listen and learn why people feel as they do. What you learn in those conversations is THE most powerful way to overcome your bias.

  3. Compare what you learn to how you see the world. This is crucial especially for leaders. It is the way you learn how to inspire and engage employees. From there you can lead morale and performance.

  4. Enjoy the empathy you develop, give, and receive. Once you can respect feelings that you don’t have, you are well on your way to developing empathy. Now with empathy you can overcome the bias you have for your own views.

In business and in everyday life, respecting feelings is one way you show respect and build vital bonds. Respect isn’t just about honoring people’s credentials and achievements. It’s about respecting who they are and how they think and feel.

Respecting feelings & views …

  • Develops your emotional intelligence. Essential for being a great leader!

  • Prepares you to handle situations you’ve never had before. When you suddenly find yourself in new settings with different people, your respect for other’s feelings and views smooths your way.

  • Makes you an invaluable problem solver and innovator. You will unify diverse views and ignite insightful conversations.

It’s time to move out of the old view that feelings muddy progress and slow success. Respecting feelings eliminates the barriers to leadership and teamwork that logic can never remove. Simply put, respect people’s feelings and the you matter message you send moves everyone forward!

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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2 Responses to “Respect Feelings & Views to Overcome Bias | #LeadMorale #PeopleSkillsChat”

  1. Bren Murphy says:

    Hi Kate, I agree – tuning into our empathy and facing our feelings much like we face our fears is helpful. By being in touch with our feelings we develop a better awareness around our own processes and this means we are more able to make better decisions as leaders. Recognizing emotions is not the same as being led or always acting on emotions.

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