Reverse Customer Experience: Are You Driving Calm Customers Away?

Reverse Customer Experience: Retain Calm Customers!

When customer experience is going sour, do your calm customers have to raise their voice to get action? Do they think they must show anger to reverse customer experience from bad to good?

Reverse Customer Experience: Image is Iceberg Reflecting Deeper Trouble

Reverse Customer Experience: Don’t Drive Calm Customers Away Image by Drew Avery via Flickr.

Image by: Drew Avery via Flickr Creative Commons License.

Reverse Customer Experience: Don’t Drive Calm Customers Away

Consistently great customer experience requires may things. One often overlooked skill — hearing the urgency before the yell — is key. You can reverse customer experience midstream if you realize that not all dissatisfied customers yell.

Ask yourself, do your customers have to yell to:

  • Shake you out of your malaise? Calm customers often face lack of action or the dreaded defensive dribble of reasons why the experience is bad. Reverse customer experience from unimpressive to wow. Hear the urgency before the yell.
  • Hear some empathy from you? Empathy is that special connection with what a customer is experiencing. Can you hear their experience before they get upset? If not, you may lose calm customers to those businesses who give empathy before the yell.
  • Get you to explore alternate solutions? When the customer experience is bad do you stay safely in procedures — until the customers yell or tweet their anger?

Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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The Story

I recently left a web hosting company because there was no response to trouble when I reported it without yelling. The rep actually said to me “There’s nothing we can do.” When I tweeted what he said to me, the response from the company via Twitter was immediate! They said, “we are working on fixing the trouble right now.” I had already faced the same trouble with little response over several months. Each time there was no attempt to reverse customer experience from bad to good — until I tweeted my displeasure. This is a sign of a company who doesn’t understand outstanding customer experience. They don’t live it or deliver it.

The Message

You can more easily reverse customer experience from bad to good IF you detect the trouble early. See beneath the tip of the iceberg. Don’t wait for customers to get angry. Hear their displeasure and their urgency even before the emotion and the yell.

When has a business failed to hear your urgency & displeasure? Share your story!

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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3 Responses to “Reverse Customer Experience: Are You Driving Calm Customers Away?”

  1. Shep Hyken says:

    Just because a customer doesn’t complain, doesn’t mean he or she is happy. If they are unhappy, and they are silent about it, they may just disappear. (And, we thought they were happy – they didn’t complain!) And, when a customer nicely and calmly states some form of dissatisfaction, don’t make the mistake of thinking that person, “doesn’t appear to be upset.” This is a great article that reminds us that even if the wheel isn’t squeaky, it still may need a little oil.

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