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Leaders and teams, what are your new year people skills wishes? Each new year gives us a chance to shake off the trap of old scars, attitudes, and habits. Before you set a new year’s resolution and goals, ask yourself how do you want people to treat you this year. These become your new year people skills wishes. I’ll ante with the following list!

New Year People Skills Wishes: Image is Happy New Year Picture.

New Year People Skills Wishes. Image by Lillou Merlin via Flickr.

Image by Lillou Merlin via Flickr Creative Commons License.

Are You Rocking These New Year People Skills Wishes?

Our behavior follows our wishes and thoughts. How do you want people to treat you in this new year and forever? Treat them that way and be the model of new year people skills.

  1. Equally without domination

  2. Fairly and without bias

  3. Humbly with constant learning

  4. Wisely with insight

  5. Patiently with listening and forbearance

  6. Respectfully with civility

  7. Generously with individual talents and unique gifts

Picture the possibilities if each person — leaders and teammates — were to make these new year people skills wishes come alive. The future would be quite different!

What leadership & teamwork possibilities do you see?

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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