Ruined Customer Experience from Small Greedy Moves #cx

Ruined Customer Experience: Small Greedy Moves at Fault!

When customer experience leaders and teams think about dissatisfied customers abandoning their business, they often look for the big reasons. Yet small greedy actions drive customers away as well.

Ruined Customer Experience: Image is Gas Pump.

Ruined Customer Experience from Small Greedy Actions. Image by Kevin Mosley via Flickr.

Image by Kevin Mosley via Flickr Creative Commons License.

Ruined Customer Experience: Small Greedy Moves Drive Customers Away

When customers see that you care more about your business than you do them, they look for a less greedy company to serve their needs.

Ruined Customer Experience: The Latest Example

Customer pulled into the major brand gas station she frequented often. She even had a gas credit card with that brand. She filled up there twice a week. She always said, “fill it up but don’t top it off.” The regular attendant on duty was always agreeable to this. One day she pulled in and gave him the same request. This time he topped it off. When she objected, he said, “My boss makes me overfill by a nickel each time or I get into trouble.” She asked him why. He replied, “I don’t know but I can’t please you both.”

The customer never went back there. It was a ruined customer experience. You might think, it’s just a nickel so what’s the big deal?

The customer …

  • Lost trust in that gas station
  • Felt disrespected and manipulated
  • Felt angry enough to find a better customer experience elsewhere

Their nickel decision told the customer they cared more about their profits than her preference. This small greedy move and the ruined customer experience cost the business far more than it gained. It cost them a loyal customer!

What small greedy actions have driven you away?

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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3 Responses to “Ruined Customer Experience from Small Greedy Moves #cx”

  1. Anna says:

    Indeed a quite common experience. My latest example is a phone repair workshop. They have kept my iPad now for over a month, without any good explanation. They excel at providing various evasive answers when I phone or pass by. Probably they have broken it beyond repair, but are too dishonest to say so, and too greedy to provide me with a replacement. Instead they try to wear me down. That’s a really good way to scare customers away…

  2. Jack Plantin says:

    Great example Kate!

    Just goes to show that something as little as $.05 can cripples a person’s trust and overall experience with a company. Also that every small detail matters when it comes to customer support.

    Excellent post, just shared on Twitter!

    Best, Jack

    • Kate Nasser says:

      Many thanks Jack. Little things definitely matter — little kindnesses and little extras – as they communicate sincerity and respect.


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