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Do you ever wonder if service teamwork and collaboration are worth the stress you feel when doing it? Regardless of the type of work you do, you end up being in service to others and working with them. Some careers and jobs demand more of it. Some, less of it. In any case, it leaves us with the question, is it worth it?

Service Teamwork Collaboration: Image is teacher helping students.

Service Teamwork Collaboration: Why Bother? Image via City of Seattle Community.

Image via City of Seattle Community via Flickr Creative Commons License.

Service Teamwork Collaboration: Why Bother?

This question is so persistent that organizations study whether collaboration, for example, is worth it. Why not let people work on tasks alone to produce the result? Employees ask leaders and managers this question and they often struggle to answer it. Here are some answers.

    Consider the reality:

  1. Assuming you can do it better alone is short-sighted. You can rarely see every aspect of a task. Other’s views add value. In fact, they often protect you and the results from tunnel vision.

  2. Being in service to teammates and customers makes your value visible. This is very good for your career. Doing tasks alone can’t compare to this.

  3. Your job impacts other’s work. Even if you are doing your tasks ‘alone’, you will still have to interact with others.

  4. When you don’t have all the information to do a task, you will need to reach out to others. This is teamwork and collaboration. Be ready to help others in return.

  5. You learn things from others you wouldn’t learn alone. You may find stress in having to listen to other’s views. Yet, by learning from them you invest in your future.

  6. Others learn from you. Helping others to grow expands everyone’s greatness.

Service Teamwork Collaboration: Image is Kate Nasser quote: Collaboration Defined - Expanding everyone's greatness.

Collaboration Defined: Expanding everyone’s greatness. ~ Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™, Author, Leading Morale

It’s Life & You’re a Part of It!

In the end, the persistent question of why must we collaborate is moot. Interacting with others is part of work and life. Whether you are dealing directly with customers, working on a permanent team, or interacting with different people, you are a part of service teamwork and collaboration.

Service Teamwork & Collaboration: Leaders & Managers Responsibility

Train and tool your employees how to serve, team up, and collaborate more easily.

  • Be realistic. Maybe doing things alone goes faster than teaming up and collaborating. Yet the results are worth it. So don’t complain to your employees that it’s taking too long. Find out what are the obstacles and help overcome them.

  • Provide employees with training on how to collaborate. Train them in asking open-ended questions, listening, reflecting on other’s views, working through differences, and coming to agreement.

Above all, be the model of the behavior you want. Be in service to those you lead. Team up and collaborate with them instead of just giving order or delegating. If service teamwork and collaboration are what you give them, they will see the value in it first-hand.

What stressors in service teamwork and collaboration have you had?

How did you overcome them?

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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