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If bullies knew the silly mistakes they make when they bully others, would they stop bullying? Well leaders, therapists, and researchers debate this. I say that it’s worth a try. To that end, in this post, I outline the silly mistakes that bullies make. Knowledge has the power to move minds and hearts and that includes bullies and those they bully.

Silly Mistakes Bullies Make: Image is of a "silly goose" via Flickr.

The Silly Mistakes Bullies Make. Image by Rob Lee via Flickr Creative Commons License.

Image by Rob Lee via Flickr Creative Commons License.

The Silly Mistakes That Bullies Make!

You may believe that bullies don’t want to learn to change their behavior. Yet I have seen them change their ways. Moreover the following list of bullies’ silly mistakes can help everyone feel less intimidated by bullying behavior.

  1. Thinking that bullying others will earn them respect. How ridiculous! People respect those who treat them with care and dignity.

  2. Believing the old saying, ‘Nice guys finish last.’ In this century? How silly. To get anywhere, you need to know how to work and get along with others. Bullies should ask themselves, “At the end of the day, how many people say, ‘Oh goody! I have to work with these bullies again tomorrow.'”

  3. Acting offensively and bullying others so others won’t treat them badly. Yet another silly mistake. When the first impression you make is that of being a bully, people will have a horrible impression of you. The next time they see you, they will either avoid you or treat you badly. Remember, always make a good first impression.

  4. Living with a bad self-image. Researchers often say that bullies have low self-esteem. Yet living that way instead of seeing the greatness in you is silly. Bullying won’t give you a good self-image and self-esteem. Instead, list out all your special talents and how you can help others. Every single human being has special talents. Dig in and identify yours. Then use those talents to help others. Watch the respect for you grow!

  5. Confusing not being in charge with not being respected. Truly one of the silly mistakes I see in workplaces. People respect peers, teammates, even strangers who help them!

  6. And finally …

  7. Giving in to peer pressure or social stereotypes. Does peer pressure bring you to bully others? Or perhaps social stereotypes (of how you are supposed to be tough) make you seem like a bully? This is both misguided and silly. Being in a clique of bullies will never give you a great life. Also, that and social stereotypes will hide your special talents and who you really are. You will never be happy if you can’t live a good life as you.

Summary: Silly Mistakes Bullies Make

Do an inventory of how you interact with others. Are you comfortable with who you are? Do you care about others and treating them with care and respect? If not, use the above list as a guide. The embedded links can help you identify your special talents. If you have a bully on your team, share the list with your non-bullying teammates. How will you all use this list to help the bully change their behavior? Lastly, if you are a leader, use this list to with those you lead to eliminate and prevent bullying behavior.

Your turn: What other silly mistakes do bullies make?

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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