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Simple Integrity: People Skills Influence

Simple Integrity: Image is Happy Emotion & Sad Emotion

Simple Integrity: Single Best Step We Can Take. Image by Andras Pfaff via Flickr.

Image by Andras Pfaff via Flickr Creative Commons License.

Simple integrity is the moment of truth in personal and professional relationships. Although integrity can seem complex, there is one basic step we can take to show simple integrity with others.

Simple Integrity: Which would you prefer?

Answer this question: When you feel wronged by someone what would you prefer to hear from them?

“You really feel betrayed by me.”


“Clearly, I’ve let you down. I’m sorry.”

When we take ownership of how we’ve affected others, we affect others in a positive way. Our empathy with how they’re feeling now — minimizes the pain of what we did before. Neutrality would intensify their pain.

The best single step we can take for simple integrity is to show ownership not neutrality.

Question: Taking ownership makes others feel great. How does it make you feel?

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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4 Responses to “Simple Integrity: Best Single Step We Can Take #peopleskills #cx”

  1. Khalid says:

    Taking ownership makes people feel their value…

    That reminded me of my car service experience yesterday. I took a number to wait for my turn in the queue and I got delayed while no one was waiting! There was one rep who had no one to serve so I approached him asking why isn’t he helping me and he said that his quota was reached!

    I was about to call the manager until his friend who was having another customer stood up and apologies for my delay and took ownership of my car!

    A simple act of taking ownership and saying sorry dissolved my frustration instantly.


    • Kate Nasser says:

      Oh Khalid, you said it so well …. “A simple act of ownership and saying sorry dissolved your frustration instantly. What an image and oh so true.

      Thanks for your story. You always contribute so much w/ your examples.

      Warmest thanks,

  2. Kate,
    I have only in the past stopped in and out so fast- I have to say, never in my online-life have I read something so incredibly brief that says so much, so clearly. Thank you. Taking ownership, being completely honest, not only in your own mind and heart- but out loud~ is such an incredibly freeing and healing (to both self and the other person) action. So courageous and honorable. Thank you for this.

    • Kate Nasser says:

      Dear Amber,
      Your comment means a great deal to me. When I wrote the post I was healing myself from a difficult situation. I didn’t want to vent on it. I simply wanted to voice the simple truth.

      So very grateful that you captured not only the words I wrote but also the spirit of what I was feeling.

      Your words “Taking ownership, being completely honest, not only in your own mind and heart- but out loud~ is such an incredibly freeing and healing” .. said it beautifully and completely.

      Warmest thanks,

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