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Slippery Steps of Bullying: Indecision Changes the View

When you witness verbal bullying, you face a moment when you decide whether to stand by or stand up and say something. For some, it’s an easy decision. They jump in and do something. For others it can be a very difficult decision. This indecision may lead them to slippery steps.

Slippery Steps: Image is warning sign of slipping on ice.

Slippery Steps of Bullying. Image by Andreas Levers via Flickr.

Grateful for image by Andreas Levers via Flickr Creative Commons License.

Slippery Steps of Bullying

As the bystanders see others speak up to the bully, they hear the bully labeling those folks as bullies. At that moment, some bystanders believe it. They take the slippery steps of seeing both the bully and those standing up to the bully as bullies.

How can you stop yourself from taking those slippery steps? Ask yourself:

  • Are you afraid of potential conflict? If you are, you may be more inclined to blame the bully’s victim. Or you may incorrectly hold both the bully and the victim equally responsible.
  • Are you uncomfortable being a bystander? If yes, you may label both the bully and the victim as guilty so you don’t have to feel that you failed the victim.
  • Do you somewhat identify with the bully’s feelings? If yes, your empathy may lead you to blame the victim and those speaking up to help the victim.

Don’t take those slippery steps of blaming the victim or others who speak up and help. Standing up to a bully is not bullying. It’s a vital step we take to prevent a culture of hatred from taking root.

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Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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