Speak From Inside Your Customers’ Head for Best Service

My passion is customer service and teamwork.  So I was very pleased to deliver a key session at the International Help Desk Conference Las Vegas, NV.

“Conversations with Customers: Best & Worst Moments”
The session was recorded. If you want a copy of the CD, please contact me.
Metrics don’t create great service. They measure great service that you create through the conversation. In fact, the conversation is the customer’s metric — voice-to-voice and online.

When conversing, speak from inside the customer’s head.

  • Value the customer’s need for help – that’s why you are in business.
  • Use the customer’s language and jargon — not yours.
  • Respect the customer’s expertise and add yours to it.
  • Use the customer’s perspective when choosing your focus.
  • Embrace the customer’s business priorities and deadlines to satisfy them.

Lastly, make the service experience easy and enjoyable for the customer.  View this related post GPS Your Brain to Work Other Personality Types if you want to deliver customer service at the highest level.

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Yours in service … Kate

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