With 30 years of professional speaking, I continue to bring passion and expertise to every keynote I deliver on professional people skills:

  • Leadership: Leading morale and leading change
  • Employee engagement and teamwork
  • Outstanding customer service and customer experience




Your Needs Are My Focus

For 30 years, countless event planners and customer decision makers have trusted me to honor, engage and uplift their audience participants. Book me to deliver the keynote at your next event to activate the success of the meeting.

Your Key Concerns

  • Our VIPs – Can you wow them? Yes. Your VIP customers who attend the event will be honored, energized, amused, and uplifted by the keynote I deliver.
  • Naysayers & Apathetics – Can you win them over? Most definitely. I’ve even had workshop participants tell me they were skeptical and didn’t even want to be there yet it was the best session they ever attended! See the testimonials on this site to read more.



Most requested topics:

  • Leading Morale: Be a Buoy of Inspiration & Balance
  • Delivering the Ultimate Customer Service Experience
  • GPS Your Brain to Work w/ All Personality Types
  • The Gold Mine of Ways to Deal With Difficult People at Work
  • The Most Successful Teams: Developing Change-Ability!
  • Teamwork Gems That Reduce the Stress of Change
  • Conversations with Customers – Best & Worst Moments
  • On the Road Again: The Geography of Customer Service in Diverse World
  • If You Want Success, the Opposite of Leader is NOT Follower



Corporate audiences, government symposiums, and large conference venues are my home court.  I honor, energize, and activate the audience to achieve change and success in leading change, employee engagement, teamwork, customer service, and customer experience.


What Outcomes Will You Experience?

Each and every member of the audience will …

  • Engage those they lead — even the challenging personality types
  • Develop team agility and change-ability: #1 attribute executives look for when hiring
  • Improve and refine their professional people skills
  • Become a customer service and teamwork enthusiast
  • Discover the simple truths of the ultimate in customer service and teamwork
  • Build skills to deliver the ultimate customer service experience


Frequent questions to prepare for your event:

  1. What do you and your senior leadership want to achieve at the meeting and from the keynote?
    This is a very important first step. Selecting and fashioning the keynote to meet the vision of you and your senior leadership is critical to success!
  2. Is this keynote or learning session a one time delivery? Or do you want to video record the session for other subsequent uses?
    It’s best for us to discuss this well in advance of the date because it affects fee quotes and lead times for the speaking agreement.
  3. How will we handle payment — one fixed fee or fee plus travel expenses?
    If you have a preference, it’s best that we know up front to accommodate your preferences from the start.


Contact me to discuss how we will make your event special and let’s make it happen!