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To deliver consistently great customer service and customer experience, recite these positive people skills beliefs every day. In fact, do them midday and anytime you are having difficult moments with customers. They are amazingly effective!

Positive People Skills Beliefs: Image is gold and red stars on green hatched background.

Positive People Skills Beliefs to Stay Inspired w/ Customers. Image by Lis Bokt via Flickr Creative Commons License.

Image by: Lis Bokt via Flickr Creative Commons License.

Positive People Skills Beliefs for Outstanding Customer Service Experience

Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

Leading Morale, Customer Service, Employee Engagement, & Teamwork

Practice These 5 Positive People Skills Beliefs Daily

  • It’s all about the customer not about you. Serving other people is rewarding work. Whether you are serving those you lead or the customers, think of them not yourself. Else you will not like it.

  • Ease customers’ burdens don’t burden them with your troubles. It feels great to help others. Studies show it lights up positive centers in your brain.

  • Know your hot buttons and manage them. We all have things that annoy us yet when we dump them on customers, things go very bad. Leave your pet peeves at home. Bring your positive people skills beliefs to work!

  • Find the joy in giving. What excites you about helping others? Is it solving their problem? Making them feel good? Is it connecting with diverse people? Find your joy and practice it with customers.

  • Customers cannot observe your intentions. Show them you care! Give them the gift of your attention. Shower them with an upbeat tone of voice. Calm them with your patience. Relieve their stress with your professional expertise. This shows them you care about them.

For years people have asked me how I stay so positive with customers day after day — even in tough moments. Here is what I think and live every day: Frustrations go away when you think positively. My spirit rises when I raise others up. I assume they need care and I deliver it. I live inspired to stay inspired. To do it consistently, I use the positive people skills beliefs that I have shared here and these 19 professional customer service people skills.

What positive people skills beliefs keep you inspired?

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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