Stop Naysayers & Stereotypes From Detouring You | #CareerTips

You can stop naysayers and other stereotypes from detouring you and your success. The following simple steps can awaken your inner strength and give you the insight to stop naysayers and other rascals mid-sentence.

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Stop Naysayers & Stereotypes From Detouring You. Image by The Real Estreya via Flickr.

Image by The Real Estreya via Flickr Creative Commons License.

Stop Naysayers & Stereotypes From Detouring You

Step One: Listen to your gut.

Advice From Norman Lear

Famed comedy writer/producer, Norman Lear, tells this true story from his childhood …

Norman’s father was sent to jail. When another man in the family saw Norman with tears in his eyes, the man said “Norman, you are the man of the family now. Men don’t cry.” Norman thought to himself, “There are jackasses everywhere.”

Norman Lear’s gut was telling him that this stereotype about men was wrong. By rejecting it, he didn’t have to carry the burden of the stereotype in addition to the pain of his father’s arrest. Bravo Norman.

Stop Naysayers & Stereotypes w/ Clear Vision

Step Two: Spot baloney for what it is!

Advice From Heidi Klum

Famed model, TV producer, and designer, Heidi Klum, tells this true story from her career/business journey …

When modeling agencies told her no more modelling, she thought to herself “This is BS.” She went on to create her own career empire in the fashion world. When she recently modeled her own line of lingerie (at the age of 44), people criticized her for not using younger models. Her answer once again was “This is BS. I don’t have an expiration date.” Spot baloney for what it is — a skewed view that doesn’t have to detour your dreams!

Stop Naysayers & Stereotypes w/ Self-Confidence

Step Three: Believe in yourself!

Advice From My Journey

Thirty years ago when I finally announced at my job that I was leaving to start my own business, people told me I would fail. Instead of believing them, I believed in myself. Instead of letting them frighten me, I strode out of their with my courageous convictions. I knew me. They didn’t. I never looked back and I succeeded!

Stop Naysayers: Image is Kate Nasser quote that who you are gets you there!

Stop Naysayers from Detouring You!

How have you stopped naysayers & stereotypes from stopping you?

From my professional experience to your success,
Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

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2 Responses to “Stop Naysayers & Stereotypes From Detouring You | #CareerTips”

  1. Alli Polin says:

    This is one of my favorites from you, Kate! When we spot the baloney, we don’t have to eat it!
    Fantastic advice and will share!!


    • Kate Nasser says:

      Ha ha Alli! Great line and quite true. I am grateful for the sharing you will do of this post. This post came from my heart. I had so many naysayers in my journey and thankfully I didn’t eat the baloney. Yet it is tough when you first start out. I hope that as others read this post, it will strengthen their resolve.


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