Leadership Fairness is Not Neutrality

Leadership fairness: Leaders, when employees disagree don’t be neutral, be fair. Here are the 5 critical differences fr The People Skills Coach™.

Leadership #Peopleskills: Leading & Inspiring Through Shame?

Leadership: Image is stick figure leader shaming employees.

Leadership: When CEO Chairman of AOL Inc. publicly shamed AOL’s Abel Lenz, he made a mistake that leaders can avoid this way. Insights from The People Skills Coach™.

Leadership #Peopleskills: Inspire Employees to Succeed Not Cling to You

Leadership #Peopleskills: Image is People Jumping

Leadership is not about lifting employees to new heights. It’s about inspiring them to lift themselves to new heights. 3 tips fr The People-Skills Coach™.

Teamwork #Peopleskills: Leaders, When Do You Intervene?

Teamwork People Skills: Image id Dying Tree

Leaders are you confusing empowerment & abandonment? Teamwork doesn’t magically appear. You have a unique role in developing teams especially in these specific situations.

People Skills: Change ONE Unfortunate Word for Great #Peopleskills

People Skills: Image is the word "OOPS"

Professional relationships & the outcomes are slowly built & quickly broken. ONE unfortunate word to change to increase trust! Tip fr The People Skills Coach™.

Leadership People Skills: Successful Leaders Choose AND Not Or

Leadership People Skills: Picture is Ampersand

Leadership people skills need AND type thinking not either/or thinking. Here are 7 key areas where AND thinking brings your leadership people skills to life to engage employee commitment for tremendous results! What “AND” will you add to this list?

Leaders Engage Employee Urgency w/ Deep Connection

Leaders Engage Employees Urgency - Image is Geyser

Leaders engage employee urgency through deep connections to employees’ talents & impact. It’s about your commitment — not about a 5 step checklist!

Leaders, Convert Blame to Accountability Part II

In this followup to the post Breed Accountability Not Blame, here are 6 essential steps for leaders to convert a blame culture to one of honorable accountability. Add your experience to this path of success.

Leadership: Breed Accountability NOT Blame

Leaders, accountability is not a blame game. It is the profitable practice of initiative, ownership, follow-through, & success. Practical insights fr The People-Skills Coach™.

Leading Leaders: Remove The Backfire of Ambush

Leaders, do you really walk the talk or weaken in the face of employee resistance? Do you ambush your managers as a result? Here’s a true case study from The People-Skills Coach™ highlighting 6 critical effects on bottom line results.

Leaders, Leading Change Within Yourself Changes Everything

Leaders, you don’t have to become a different person to effect positive change. Just make your actions accountable for your words. 5 experienced based insights fr The People-Skills Coach™.

Leaders, Engage Then Train & Realize the Results

Leaders, realize results of training employees by putting these 3 components in place. How far into employee engagement are you, the managers & the teams?

Leadership: Combat Risky Apathy of Being Big

The business world continues to exalt the value of being big from mega-stores to big profits. Meanwhile it overlooks the apathy that comes with “big” & can kill success. Engage employees w/ these 6 tips.

Customer Experience Bliss: Beat Ignorance w/ Initiative

Leaders, when employees lack of knowledge and lack of initiative converge, customer experience suffers. 5 most common places to resurrect initiative and rescue all from the power of ignorance.

Leadership, What’s So Hot About Humility Anyway?

Humility was rarely on the traditional list of leadership traits. Although it now makes the list, many leaders still doubt its value — until they experience its natural power when leading change.

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