Leaders, Pain Free Journey to Engage Employee Accountability

Leaders see engaging employees for innovation as fun; they picture engaging for accountability as a weight battle of responsibility and blame. Repaint the picture and take this pain free journey to employee accountability.

What Do Workplace Pit Bulls Do to Accountability?

Have you ever had a leader pit bull your team thinking it would produce greater accountability? Ironically, it does the opposite. Here’s what workplace pit bulls do to accountability and a much better approach to inspire success.

Customer Service Recovery Affects Future Sales

A VP of Operations reports that his organization buys based on how well a vendor recovers from a mistake. Customer service recovery affects future sales! Why? Read more in this post …

The Perfect Apology – the ONE Word That Destroys It!

Simple sincerity makes for the perfect apology. Yet it can go astray very quickly. What is the ONE word that destroys the perfect apology and what word saves it? Read more …

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