Leadership: Does Negative Feedback Drive You to These Reactions? | #PeopleSkills

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Leaders, managers, teachers, doctors, and others: Do you minimize others when they give you negative feedback? Examples fr Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™. | Leadership, Management, Customer Experience

Dealing w/ Difficult People: JOIN #PeopleSkills Global Chat Aug. 19th

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Dealing w/ Difficult People is our #PeopleSkills global chat topic Aug. 19th 10amEDT. JOIN host Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™ & global community to learn/share.

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Making Aggression Unacceptable: JOIN #Peopleskills Chat July 27

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Making aggression unacceptable — is it a desirable and viable goal? JOIN The People Skills Coach™ & community in Twitter #Peopleskills chat to explore.

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Leaders, Are We Accomplices to Passive Aggressive Team Members?

Leaders, passive aggressive behavior in the workplace can disengage team members & lower results IF we allow it. Here are critical insights and tips to prevent it or at least be the cure of this team toxin.