People Skills Appreciation & Love: JOIN #Peopleskills chat Feb. 15th

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People skills appreciation & love: Our Valentines Day #peopleskills global Twitter chat. JOIN The People Skills Coach™ to go deeper into appreciation.

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Trust Leadership Employee Engagement: #PeopleSkills Chat Jan. 25th 10amET

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People skills global Twitter chat will explore the connection between trust leadership employee engagement. JOIN The People Skills Coach™ & community Sunday Jan 25th 10amET.

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Leadership Self-Awareness: 13 Lies Weak Leaders Bequeath to Everyone

Leadership Self-Awareness: Image is a bridge occluded with dense fog.

Leaders, are you living these lies & bequeathing them to everyone? Insight on leadership self-awareness fr The People Skills Coach™.

Employee Appreciation: Be a Buoy to Be Appreciated! #peopleskills

Employee appreciation: Image is the word Resilience

9 reasons leaders don’t show you employee appreciation & 3 ways for you to get it from them! Insight fr The People Skills Coach™.

Millennials Success: Be Included Not Just Recognized #PeopleSkills

Millennials Success: Image is Gold puzzle pieces fitting together.

Millennials success: Focus more on being included instead of just recognized! Career tips for GEN Y from The People Skills Coach™.

Giving Gratitude & Tribute in #PeopleSkills Chat Sunday May 25th

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On this Memorial Day weekend, we explore giving gratitude & tribute in a deeper way in people skills Twitter chat (#peopleskills) at 10am EDT. Join us & share your personal insight and experience.

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Leaders, Want Engaged Employees? Focus on Contentment.

Contentment is Not Endpoint. Image is churning water that look like clouds.

Leaders, contentment is not a lack of ambition. It is not an endpoint. It is necessary celebration before the next hurdle. Focus on it to engage employees.

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Team Cohesion: Eureka, Leadership Finally Found It Here! #peopleskills

Team Cohesion: Image is two animated mushrooms bowing to each other.

Team cohesion escaped this org. until we challenged best practices. Then we found it and learned a vital lesson about humans. From The People Skills Coach™.

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Gratitude: Business Complacency or High Return? #peopleskills

Gratitude: Image is the word gratitude.

Leaders, make gratitude for employees as much a priority as gratitude for customers. Modest investment w/ infinite return. Insight fr The People Skills Coach™ w/ contribution from sales coach Dave Moore.

People Skills Chat 11/24/13: Gratitude and Appreciation #peopleskills

People Skills Global Chat Logo

Join global Twitter #peopleskills chat Sunday 11/24 10am ET w/ host Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™ to explore role of gratitude in life and work. As we head into Thanksgiving week here in the USA, we invite people all over the world to explore gratitude like we’ve never done before!

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Employee Engagement: 4 No-Cost Steps to Acknowledgement #peopleskills

Millennials Success: Image is Gold puzzle pieces fitting together.

Leaders, employee engagement is both essential AND easy. In this one minute video reminder, fr The People Skills Coach™, here are 4 easy no-cost steps to increase employee engagement!

Employee Engagement: Engage Through Connection Not Status #Peopleskills

Employee Engagement: Image is Red Carpet Roped Off

Leaders, beware this one behavior that threatens employee engagement. Good news: It’s easy to fix! Short post w/ clear message from The People-Skills Coach™.

True Employee Engagement: Appreciate & Recognize

For true employee engagement, should leaders praise everyday effort or only exceptional performance and results? Before you answer this, consider the diversity of people you lead.

Employee Engagement: Capture the Magic of the I’s in Team!

Leaders, don’t sacrifice individual talents to achieve team member flexibility & generous restraint. Inspire these I’s in team for unparalleled success.

Leaders, 5 Legacy Attitudes to Replace for Employee Engagement

Traditional leadership beliefs hang on and squelch employee engagement, so needed to reach results. If you still hold these 5 attitudes, replace them for maximum success.

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