Workplace Civility: Reasons Leaders & Teams Still Resist | #Leadership

Workplace Civility: Image is the word civility.

Why do leaders, managers, & teammates still resist workplace civility? Reasons why from Kate Nasser The People Skills Coach™, Author, Leading Morale

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Job Interview People Skills: Two Essential Steps | #JobInterviewing #PeopleSkills

Job Interview People Skills: Image is sign saying "Now Hiring"

Job interview people skills tips abound yet here are two essential never-fail tips from Kate Nasser The People Skills Coach™ — tips you’ve not read before.

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Collaboration: Seek Opportunities, Cut Opportunists | #leadership

Collaboration: Image are 5 Eggs in the Shell w/ Feather Over Them.

Collaboration at work multiplies success IF everyone is giving as much/more than they take. Leadership tips fr The People Skills Coach™.

Authentic Leadership in #Peopleskills Chat: Join Sun. June 22nd

Authentic Leadership: Can you be totally yourself & lead diverse people? Explore this & more in Twitter chat 10am ET Host: The People Skills Coach™.

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Beneath the Exterior, What Do Leaders See in You?

If you want career success, ask yourself what leaders and others actually see in you? Then realize that your own perspective is often very different than the outside view. Here are 3 steps to closing that gap and finding true career happiness & success.

ACE Your Next Customer Service Moment

I viewed sample footage from a customer service training video. It advises you to give an irate customer something specific — like a form to fill out! I laughed so hard I couldn’t find the stop button. In this article I deal you the ACE for delivering top-notch customer service.