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Workplace Caring: JOIN Global #PeopleSkillsChat SUN. Aug. 29th | #LeadMorale

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How to create workplace caring culture is our global #PeopleSkillsChat topic SUN. Aug 29th 10am EDT on Twitter w/ host Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™. Author, Leading Morale. Join in!

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Team Building Across Generations – Proven Approach | #leadership

Team Building Across Generations: Image is cross section of tree trunk w/ rings.

Here’s a proven approach fr The People Skills Coach™ to team building across generations. Let youthful energy & mature experience increase innovation!

Older Job Seekers – Leverage You!

Baby Boomers & Gen X out of work? How will you compete with the younger workers for jobs? Leverage “you”. Prepare simple statements that explain why you over the younger workers. Samples …