Listening Responsibility: 5 Reasons People Interrupt Us #peopleskills

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If you want people to listen *when you speak, then listen *while you speak! Communication tips on listening from The People Skills Coach™.

Career Communication: Playing Can Be Hazardous #peopleskills

Career Communication: Image is man seriously studying a game.

Career communication: Be careful of appearing too whimsical. To be taken seriously avoid using THIS phrase in business. Insight fr The People Skills Coach™.

Leadership People Skills: When Tough Leaders Show Empathy

Leadership People Skills: Image is a Heart & a Hammer

Leadership people skills: Natural disasters can teach tough & gruff leaders the power of regularly using empathy. Consider how much more you can achieve working with people instead of working on them.

People Skills Twitter Chat Sunday: The Effects of Silence

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People Skills Twitter chat this Sunday April 7th will explore the effects of silence on personal happiness & professional success. Join in! All welcome.

Customer Care: A Harmless Harmful Response

Every moment with a customer is our chance to build care-filled loyalty. Every word we speak can either build harmony or harm the bond. Here are 5 seemingly harmless but harmful statements to replace with far more care-filled communication. Will you add yours to this list?

Customer Service Recovery Affects Future Sales

A VP of Operations reports that his organization buys based on how well a vendor recovers from a mistake. Customer service recovery affects future sales! Why? Read more in this post …

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