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Customer Service People Skills: Leaders, Leave These Myths #custserv

Customer Service People Skills: Image is sign that says BUMP.

Leaders, do you know what customer service people skills myths may be sidelining your business success? 2 myths in 2 min video fr The People Skills Coach™.

Customer Experience: The Opposite of Convenience May Surprise You! #cx

To customers the opposite of convenience is not inconvenience. Can you guess how they define it? Here’s the customer experience insight you need to succeed!

Superior Customer Experience: Are You Using the Power of Empathy? #cx

Customer Service Stories: Image is letter A+

Leaders, empathy is the engine of superior customer experience! Build it into every part of your company & customers return. From The People Skills Coach™.

Superior Customer Experience: Feedback Fluency Part II #custserv #cx

Superior Customer Experience: Image is many ears.

Leaders, here are 4 critical beliefs & steps to creating superior customer experience through listening to the customer. From The People Skills Coach™.

Customer Experience Feedback: Flop or Fluency? Part One #custserv

Customer Experience Feedback: Image is intersection circles of infomration.

Leaders and business owners, is everyone in your organization welcoming and collecting customer experience feedback? Where it naturally occurs? No? Here’s another view.

Superior Customer Experience: Above & Beyond Question #Custserv

Superior Customer Experience: Image is Telescope view from Eiffel Tower

Superior customer experience is not just giving customers what they ask for nor giving them what we think is best. Go beyond the request w/ these 3 steps to see what the customer is picturing!

Superior Customer Service & #Sales: But 1st – Integrity! #custserv

Superior Customer Service & Sales: Image is humanoid lassoing a star.

When customers call for help, give them superior customer service before selling them something else. Your integrity builds trust which secures more sales. Advice from The People-Skills Coach™ after 25 years in business.

Super Customer Experience: 5 Immediate No Cost Improvements #custserv

Super Customer Experience: Image is gold key w/ service word.

Super customer experience is not as complex as you think. These 5 no cost immediate improvements make it easy & memorable. From The People-Skills Coach™.

Customer Service Managers, Are You Leading? #custserv

Customer Service Managers: Image is Words: Leadership Teamwork Success

Customer service managers, supervisors, team leads: you often get stuck in the weeds of daily management. Lead & inspire to breed success! Here’s a guide.

Customer Experience Leaders: Are You Leading Cattle Call?

Customer Experience Leaders: Image is little cattle figures lined up.

Customer experience leaders, have you gotten so focused on big picture & profit, that you treat customers like a cattle call? Simple ways to check & fix.

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Customer Service Recovery: Use People Skills to Deliver vs. Defend

Customer Service Recovery, Don't Defend. Image is a sling shot.

Customer service recovery fails with every defensive phrase we speak. Here’s ONE that sinks it every time & what to say instead fr The People-Skills Coach™.

Customer Service Defined to Be Unforgettable

Customer service defined. Image is a scale w/ books on left, heart on right.

To deliver unforgettable customer service inside or outside of your organization, first start with this simple effective definition. It will take you far and high!

Super Customer Service Experience: Picture It, Lead It, Create It!

Super customer service experience: Image is Artists's Pallette

Leaders, want super customer service experience to emerge? Engage your teams in games of imagination & watch them innovate what you deliver and their attitudes! Insights from service maven Kate Nasser, The People-Skills Coach™.

Customer Service: Be a Buoy

Customer Service: Be the Customer's Buoy Image is a buoy.

Customer service is not about giving help. It’s about being the customer’s buoy. 6 ways fr The People-Skills Coach™ to buoy your customers and yourselves!

Customer Service Guest Post – 15 Essential Beliefs for Excellence

Customer service excellence: Image is mind thinking.

This guest post I wrote for blog offers 15 essential beliefs for excellence in customer service & sales. Our actions follow our beliefs. After you read these 15, add the beliefs that have led you to success with your specific customers!

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