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Ultimate Customer Service Culture: It’s About Unity Not Employees First | #custserv

Customer Service Culture: Image is bulletin board w/ word culture.

The ultimate customer service culture is not about employees first. It’s about unity. Leadership insights & lessons fr Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™.

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Team Members: Our Future is Behind Every Customer

CSRs and TSRs get tunnel vision in stress or the daily grind. Yet our future is behind every customer. Our vision must see it. Here is a 9 point call to greatness for leaders to inspire the best customer service. Posters and cards of this will be available in a few weeks.

Leaders, Foresee & Reduce The Burden of Needy Customers

Do your teams think of their burdens or the customers? The answer says alot about your customer experience culture! Build a super customer experience culture by eliminating these 21 customer burdens of uncertainty.

Marketing, You Got Me. Sales Call Center, You Blew It!

If your marketing dept, gets the customer to call, hey call center listen and dialogue. Sales and service are not a monologue from you with a burp from us at the end. Lose the script or lose the sale! A true story of AT&T Wireless …

Universal Customer Pleas: Drop This, Keep That — Please!

The 12 Most Universal Customer pleas to change customer service. People-Skills Coach Kate Nasser offers specifics to boost customer experience forever. Add #13 and join this movement to improve universal customer service.

Customer Service: High Touch B4 High Tech

High tech contributes much to great customer service and the customer experience IF it doesn’t become your primary focus. Where are you on this scale? Read more …

Customer Service: Feedback Before the Finish Line

Do your CSRs, agents, reps, ask “How’s my service so far?” during the call or online chat? Corporations, social media is engaging your customers. Are you? This one simple question changes the course of your brand.

Sales & Customer Service Success: “Get” Your Customers

Sales and customer service soar when you show the customers that you “get them”. Don’t insult your customers with fake imitation. Understand them and adapt to their cultural preferences. Read more …

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