People Skills: Be Deserving Not Entitled

Workplace relationships can sometimes be damaged or enhanced with just ONE word. In this case leaders, consider whether you would rather be “deserving” or “entitled”. What’s your vote?

Great People-Skills Win Big: Leadership, Sales, Service

Most know that great people-skills deliver more professional success. It can help you in your life too! Here’s a short true funny story to inspire you, your teams, and those you are developing. Read more …

A Customer Service Valentine, the Surprise!

Think back to every customer service type job you ever had — even part time summer jobs or holiday stints. Here’s what customers contribute to your (individual) future! Read more …

Professional People Skills – Work on You AND the Work

Articles, blog posts, and forums continue to debate whether or how much people skills are considered for hiring. This debate is rather useless and quite risky. Do you want to bet the wrong way? Read more …

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