Expectations & Assumptions: Join #Peopleskills Chat April 12th

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How do expectations & assumptions impact interactions? JOIN The People Skills Coach™ in #peopleskills global Twitter chat to discuss it April 12th 10am EDT.

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Communicate Clearly! JOIN People Skills Chat Jan. 18th #peopleskills

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People skills global Twitter chat (#peopleskills) will explore how to communicate clearly. JOIN The People Skills Coach™ & community Jan. 18th 10amET.

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Customer Effort: Paying the Bill Should Be Easy Not Confusing #cx

Customer Effort: Image is a confusing list of numbers.

Business leaders and owners: Are you marring great customer service experience w/ confusing invoices that require extra customer effort? Review this …

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3 Laughable Listening Lapses That Teach Us Much! #peopleskills

Laughable Listening Lapses: Image is a comical character made with marshmallows.

Listening lapses can be a source of stress or humor. Learn in 3 these laughable moments fr The People Skills Coach™.

People Skills: Bursting Every Assumption #peopleskills

People Skills:Image is person w/ pin popping balloon

Assumptions can mangle decisions & ruin interactions. ONE simple way to overcome assumption’s power & set a new course! Tips from The People Skills Coach™.

Leadership: Proving Need Not Stop Improving

Leaders, do your actions drive employees to focus on proving themselves to you or improving their contributions to the organization and its success? Here’s a checklist to assess what culture you have created!

Leaders, Top Talent Succeed With This

Leaders, as you recruit top talent, are you truly ready for what they expect and need to succeed? Here’s one powerful example of a lost opportunity and 3 traits to develop for the next.

Customer Experience: Using Jargon Requires Huge Leap of Faith

Leaders and experienced reps all know that speaking jargon can kill a customer experience. Moreover, listening w/ jargon can kill the relationship! Two short stories from The People-Skills Coach™ illustrate the true impact and how to avoid the blunders of jargon Jabberwocky.

Leaders, See & Communicate Clearly on Confidence

Many leaders realize confidence looks different between genders and cultures. Yet leaders still miss 1 key determinant of confidence – performance expectations. 5 questions to see and communicate more clearly on confidence and engage employees’ talent!

People-Skills: Confuse Before Bad News?

When you must deliver bad news, do you first confuse? Is your own discomfort twisting your message? You may tell yourself that you are thinking of the other person yet read this first before you decide …

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