Best CSRs Beat Attribution Error in Customer Service

Customer service and customer experience leaders, the best CSRs see tough moments as difficult *situations not difficult *customers. Here’s why they shine & how to train others.

Leaders, For Customer Loyalty Prevent the Question Mark

One action above all others allows you to build customer loyalty – prevent the question mark in your customers’ minds. Replace fear with certainty and questions with mutual success. Read more …

A Customer Service Valentine, the Surprise!

Think back to every customer service type job you ever had — even part time summer jobs or holiday stints. Here’s what customers contribute to your (individual) future! Read more …

Hiring: A Natural Call to Customer Service

Leaders, business owners, non-profits: Here’s how to spot and hire people who are naturally great at customer service. They give you the freedom to trust them to wow the customer. They give the customer the ultimate customer service. They give your organization a financial advantage.

The Best CSRs Training Crosses Borders – Canada, USA, and More

Technology connects CSRs and customers in different countries. For this to work, the CSRs must adapt to cultural and regional differences. Here are two solid examples and a training DVD to help.

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