Customer Experience Leaders: Remove the Never Ever Rules | #cx #cco

Customer Experience Leaders: Image is "STOP".

Customer experience leaders, find & remove all the “never ever” rules that rule & ruin your customers’ experience. Insights from The People-Skills Coach™.

Customer Service 24 Tips: Customers Want it Easy & Valuable

Customer service: Image is button that says "easy".

Customer service leaders, focus on making service EASY & valuable & watch customers bond w/ your brand! 24 tips fr Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™.

People Skills: Essential Beliefs to Achieve Interdependence #peopleskills

People Skills: Interdependence Image is connected beams.

People skills are built on foundation of interdependence not possible w/ independence alone. To achieve success, overcome myths of interdependence and embrace these essential beliefs. Insights from The People Skills Coach™.

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Customer Experience Leaders: Are You Leading Cattle Call?

Customer Experience Leaders: Image is little cattle figures lined up.

Customer experience leaders, have you gotten so focused on big picture & profit, that you treat customers like a cattle call? Simple ways to check & fix.

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