Cultural Heritage Impacts People Skills? Chat March 16 #peopleskills

Putting People Down: Image is people skills logo.

In this global environment, does cultural heritage help or hinder interactions? JOIN Twitter chat Host: The People Skills Coach™ & community to explore it Sunday March 16th 10am EDT/2pm GMT.

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Harmony: What Does It Take to Really Listen? #peopleskills

Harmony: Image is balanced rocks.

Turn differences into mutual success — harmony w/o surrender. What does it really take? Global views via The People Skills Coach™. Leadership & Teamwork.

People Skills Chat 12/8/13: Opposites Attract or Repel? #peopleskills

The old saying is “opposites attract”. Yet in so many non-romantic relationships — especially in a work environment — people seem to prefer those who are like them! Join people skills chat this Sunday Dec. 8, 2013 to explore this interesting irony.

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Employee Engagement: 4 No-Cost Steps to Acknowledgement #peopleskills

Millennials Success: Image is Gold puzzle pieces fitting together.

Leaders, employee engagement is both essential AND easy. In this one minute video reminder, fr The People Skills Coach™, here are 4 easy no-cost steps to increase employee engagement!

People Skills Chat 11/10/13: Leadership for Inclusion #peopleskills

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Inclusion makes sense. It reflects reality. Yet how can leaders truly lead for inclusion? Join people skills Twitter chat (#peopleskills) Nov. 10th 10am ET to explore w/ The People Skills Coach™ & community!

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Leadership People Skills: Seek Consistency Not Uniformity #peopleskills

Leadership People Skills: Image is multicolored molecule.

Leaders, the challenge of excellence is consistency not uniformity. Avoid 3 traps of uniformity that threaten your leadership people skills and excellent results.

People Skills Chat 11/3/13: Conformity and Diversity #Peopleskills

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Some conformity is needed to form orgs.. YET we must honor/value diversity! Join people skills Twitter chat (#peopleskills) Nov. 3, 10am ET to explore how.

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People Skills Chat 9/15/13: Trust & Generations #Peopleskills

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Join us for Twitter people skills chat (#peopleskills) Sun. 9/15/13 10am ET to explore building trust between the generations. Host: Kate Nasser, The People-Skills Coach™.

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People Skills: Essentials to Seeing Others’ Views #Peopleskills

People Skills: Image is Telescope

You don’t need ESP nor a telescope nor microscope to see & understand others’ views. You do need these 6 essentials. Insight fr The People-Skills Coach™.

People Skills Chat: What Our Mothers Taught Us on #PeopleSkills

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Join special Mother’s Day 2013 People Skills Twitter Chat “What Our Mothers Taught Us.” Host Kate Nasser, The People-Skills Coach™. 10am EDT 7am PDT & 3pm UK. Hashtag #Peopleskills. Bring your family wisdom of the ages and share the memories from your moms, grandmoms (nanas), Godmothers, and all who have guided you!

Join #Peopleskills Chat Sunday: People Skills – Love, Courage, & Care

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Join People Skills Twitter chat Sunday April 21st & explore Love, Courage, & Care in the face of tragedy & tough times. Hosted by The People-Skills Coach™.

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People Skills Twitter Chat Sunday: Breaking Through Stereotypes

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This week’s people skills Twitter chat (Sunday March 3, 10am ET/3pm GMT) will explore Breaking Through Stereotypes. Imagine a world w/o stereotypes and what is truly possible! Please join us for this in depth discussion and bring your insight, experience, and heart to make life better.

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People-Skills: Powerful Bonds of Success

People-skills affect every aspect of life — work, relationships, and our future. What have you learned that will help others? Join 1st #Peopleskills Twitter chat Sun Jan. 27 at 10AM ET/3PM GMT and the Google + peopleskills community!

Leadership Beyond the Facts: The Emotion of Success

Are you a leader or do you work with a leader who leads from just the facts? This leadership style succeeds to a point and then falls short leaving much team potential untapped. Tap the emotion of success with these tips.

Leadership: Workplace Disharmony vs. Diversity

Know the Difference Between Disharmony & Healthy Disagreement

Some leaders see all diversity of thought as harmful & divisive. Others see all peace & harmony as impending failure. There is no need to confuse disharmony and diversity of thought. Here are the key distinctions and success is within your grasp.

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