Leadership Beyond the Facts: The Emotion of Success

Are you a leader or do you work with a leader who leads from just the facts? This leadership style succeeds to a point and then falls short leaving much team potential untapped. Tap the emotion of success with these tips.

Leadership: Workplace Disharmony vs. Diversity

Know the Difference Between Disharmony & Healthy Disagreement

Some leaders see all diversity of thought as harmful & divisive. Others see all peace & harmony as impending failure. There is no need to confuse disharmony and diversity of thought. Here are the key distinctions and success is within your grasp.

Leaders, See & Communicate Clearly on Confidence

Many leaders realize confidence looks different between genders and cultures. Yet leaders still miss 1 key determinant of confidence – performance expectations. 5 questions to see and communicate more clearly on confidence and engage employees’ talent!

Sudden Teamwork: The Voices of Success

Leaders, do your teams speak up to make your corporate projects and business a success? If they have known each other awhile, sure. But what happens when people don’t know each other very well? Capture all possible success by tapping the voices of success even with sudden teamwork. Read more …

Four Practices for the Best Professional People Skills

Ever meet someone who is very good with all different types of people? In the workplace you see their professional people skills shine in various situations. You wonder, “What makes them so successful with diverse people and in widely different situations?” Look more closely or speak with them and you will find that the best professional people skills develop from these four practices.

Teamwork: Warning Signs of a Clique

Healthy teamwork has tight bonds that encourage ideas, embrace diversity, and welcome change. This produces agile teams that can respond to the changing economic times. When does a healthy tight bond become a clique with its destructive limiting force? Leaders, do you know the warning signs?

Sales & Customer Service Success: “Get” Your Customers

Sales and customer service soar when you show the customers that you “get them”. Don’t insult your customers with fake imitation. Understand them and adapt to their cultural preferences. Read more …

Respect the Differences and Find the Fit for Team Success!

Team success in a diverse workplace requires more than a common goal. Each team member must respect the differences and find the fit! Here’s help to get you started …

Collaborator vs. Competitor – Can you bridge the gap?

Are you a natural collaborator or a natural competitor? If you know yourself, you can bridge the gap when interacting with the other type with this simple step.

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