Impact of Ego & Pride on Leadership: JOIN #Peopleskills Chat Sept. 7th

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What is impact of ego & pride on leadership? JOIN The People Skills Coach™ & community #Peopleskills Global Twitter chat to share/learn. Sunday Sept. 7th, 10am EDT.

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Conflict Resolution Tips: How to Stay Calm! #peopleskills #custserv

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Conflict Resolution: As The People Skills Coach™, I am often asked how to stay calm amidst verbal conflict? Here’s what I’ve done successfully for years.

People Skills Chat May 5th: #PeopleSkills for No Regret

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People skills for no regret will be topic for people skills Twitter chat. hosted by Kate Nasser. Author Jackie Hooper will join in with insights from her book “The Things You Would Have Said”. Hope you will participate this Sunday May 5th 10am EDT/7am PDT and offer your experience on how to speak with care and prevent regret.

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