Lead Smartly: 5 Dumb Denials Smart Leaders Reject | #Leadership

Lead Smartly: Image is May Angelou quote Without courage, we cannot practice any other virtue consistently.

Smart leaders with emotional intelligence lead smartly by rejecting mistaken beliefs and dumb denials. Leadership essentials from The People Skills Coach™.

Leadership: Proving Need Not Stop Improving

Leaders, do your actions drive employees to focus on proving themselves to you or improving their contributions to the organization and its success? Here’s a checklist to assess what culture you have created!

5 Psychologically Uncomfortable Career Shaping Opportunities

People focus on major career shaping milestones & overlook psychologically uncomfortable opportunities. Here are 5 worthy ones from The People-Skills Coach™.

People-Skills: The E of Email Does Not Mean Emotion

Email is alive and well. Are the people who received your last email? Or did you write an emotion mail instead of an email? We can use these 4 tips to convert from emotional to effective! Add your best tips to the list.

People-Skills: Listening Beyond Your Boundary

Great speakers and writers know the power of words. The right words, however, cannot get beyond a listening boundary we create ourselves. Here is a pesky recurring listening block and how to overcome it.

Workplace People Skills: Redirecting Emotion into Success

Do colleagues, customers, or your boss press your emotion button? Here’s one solid technique that works and keeps you clear headed through it all. Read more …

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