Balancing Emotional Intelligence & IQ: JOIN People Skills Chat Nov. 6

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JOIN Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™ and global community in #PeopleSkills Twitter chat SUN. Nov. 6th 10amEST/3pmGMT to explore integrating and balancing emotional intelligence & IQ.

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The 12 Most Desired Yet Unrequested Forms of Care | #Leadership

If people at work or home say you aren’t very caring when they feel bad, you will find this list of 12 forms of care to be very helpful. Instead of screaming out “tell me what you want”, increase your career and personal relationships with the emotional intelligence here…

Leadership Dilemma: Self-Serving High Performing Team Member

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A very telling teamwork case study of a leadership dilemma with a self-serving team member. Lessons learned from Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™.

Emotional Intelligence Starts as Invitation for a Response

Do you think that emotional intelligence is hard to learn? Leaders, the ability to understand how people want to be treated is something you can develop — if you know where to start. Here’s the simple way …

Workplace People Skills: Redirecting Emotion into Success

Do colleagues, customers, or your boss press your emotion button? Here’s one solid technique that works and keeps you clear headed through it all. Read more …

ACE Your Next Customer Service Moment

I viewed sample footage from a customer service training video. It advises you to give an irate customer something specific — like a form to fill out! I laughed so hard I couldn’t find the stop button. In this article I deal you the ACE for delivering top-notch customer service.