Leadership Without Needless BS

In tough times, leaders use their experience to filter out bullshit. What’s a new leader or manager to do? Here are 10 points to boost their experience to lead change better. What will you add to this experience booster to help new leaders?

Leaders, Extend Value of Customer Service Training

Leaders, before you undertake and engage customer service training for your teams — take these four steps. It extends the value and effectiveness of the training.

Easy Does It for Customer Loyalty!

Every customer remembers, returns, and refers when the experience with you was easy. They remember moments. What do they remember about you? Don’t leave it to chance. Read more…

Use the Customers’ Jargon — Not Yours!

A recent experience brings me to this customer service reminder. When interacting with the customer, use the customer’s jargon not yours. Here’s a simple true story …

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