Reasons Emotionally Unintelligent People Mistrust Emotionally Intelligent People

Emotionally Unintelligent People: Image is Grand Canyon gap

Why emotionally unintelligent people mistrust & dislike emotionally intelligent people. Insights fr Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™, Author Leading Morale

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Job Interview People Skills: Two Essential Steps | #JobInterviewing #PeopleSkills

Job Interview People Skills: Image is sign saying "Now Hiring"

Job interview people skills tips abound yet here are two essential never-fail tips from Kate Nasser The People Skills Coach™ — tips you’ve not read before.

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Leadership Gap: Fixing Unintended Trouble You Create

Leadership Gap: Image is Large Question mark w/ trails of dots behind.

Leaders, when does your leadership gap & how do you fix the trouble you unintentionally create? Insights & tangible steps fr The People Skills Coach™.

True Customer Experience Leadership: Do You Breed Initiative Beyond Procedures?

True Customer Experience Leadership: Image is an empty packet of ketchup.

Leaders, true customer experience leadership breeds employee initiative even empowerment. Hold the reins too tightly & loyalty to your brand suffers.

When Are We Too Confident to Learn?

Confidence makes many feel secure, safe, and grounded. Yet learning requires an awareness of what we don’t know. With it comes a confidence hiccup. Some can handle that and embrace learning. Others are terrified by it and shun learning. When are we too confident to learn? Read more …