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Customer Service Inspiration for Training the Best

As we near the end of National Customer Service Week 2010, the endless demand for superior service lives on. To help train for the best, I offer these customer service inspirational thoughts. Let them retool your teams’ skills, revive your spirit, and refuel your engines so that daily work becomes a daily celebration with customers. There are 9 thoughts — please add your #10!

On the Road Again: New Journey w/Each Customer’s Request

You have heard them many times – customer service reps that sound scripted and robotic. Do they impress you? I doubt it. In all my customer service consulting work, I have yet to hear a single customer tell me they prefer it. How to adapt to customers is the key …

Kate Nasser Keynote Footage: Passion for Customer Service

View this keynote footage of Kate Nasser, The People-Skills Coach, on The Geography of Customer Service and Sales in America. Do your teams have the passion for serving customers?