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CIOs Checklist: Are Your IT Teams Truly Customer Focused? | #CX #CustServ

CIOS Checklist: Image is customer satisfaction box

CIOS, IT Directors, Managers – If your customers still say you lack customer focus, use these 12 insights to reshape your information technology culture and deliver the ultimate IT customer service.

People-Skills: Be & Perform Like a Ferrari

Professionals today must handle fast paced connections w great ease & style. Here are 8 steps to fast track your people-skills to success. Interpersonal skills

Do Leaders Really Promote on People Skills?

If you are still calling people skills, soft skills, you may decide to promote staff for something other than their ability to lead in today’s business world. People skills prowess is a complex and refined ability to inspire people to produce hard tangible results. Would you promote a staff member based on this or on some other criterion? Read more and share your thoughts …