Making Aggression Unacceptable: JOIN #Peopleskills Chat July 27

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Making aggression unacceptable — is it a desirable and viable goal? JOIN The People Skills Coach™ & community in Twitter #Peopleskills chat to explore.

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Are You Too Nice to Lead? #leadership #peopleskills

Are You Too Nice to Lead?; Image are smiley faces w/ one different color.

Leaders as you go past traditional directive leadership style & engage employees, do you go too far the other way? Use this checklist fr The People Skills Coach™.

Leadership Fairness is Not Neutrality

Leadership fairness: Leaders, when employees disagree don’t be neutral, be fair. Here are the 5 critical differences fr The People Skills Coach™.

Leaders, Avoid 8 Common Causes of People Skills Mistakes #Leadership

Leaders turn these 8 common people skills blunders into brilliance in leadership, employee engagement, and customer experience. From The People Skills Coach™.

People Skills Chat 9/8/13: Servant Leadership & #Peopleskills

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Join Twitter people skills chat (#Peopleskills) Sun. 9/8/13 10 am ET to explore Servant Leadership and People Skills. Host: Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™.

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Humility People Skills: 10 Ways to Stay Humble in Success

Humility People Skills: Image of Victoria Falls

Self-pity can block success and a swelled head can derail it. People skills humility can prevent both & fuel success. Here’s 10 ways to stay humble. What will you add to help me learn?

Leadership Challenge: You Practice Humility & Your Leader Doesn’t

Leadership Challenge: Image is Bag w/ Question Mark

Leadership challenge: When you as leader believe in & practice humility in leadership & your leader doesn’t. What then? Answers fr The People-Skills Coach™ via article in the 2nd Annual International Leadership Blogathon produced by Todd Nielsen.

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Leadership People Skills: Successful Leaders Choose AND Not Or

Leadership People Skills: Picture is Ampersand

Leadership people skills need AND type thinking not either/or thinking. Here are 7 key areas where AND thinking brings your leadership people skills to life to engage employee commitment for tremendous results! What “AND” will you add to this list?

Leadership, What’s So Hot About Humility Anyway?

Humility was rarely on the traditional list of leadership traits. Although it now makes the list, many leaders still doubt its value — until they experience its natural power when leading change.

Leadership: Never Confuse Humility and Humiliation

Leaders, humility sustains everyone while humiliation destroys most. Lead with humility in the following 6 ways and watch the respect and success soar!

Leadership, Is Humility a Fad or the Future?

Have you seen humility noted as a key leadership trait? Far cry from the list of decades past. Is humility a fad or the future of leadership? Perhaps it depends on the definition of humility. One is a welcome trend and the others are disturbing. Here’s one that might work for all …

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