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Join Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™ in Twitter global #PeopleSkillsChat SUN. March 14th 10am EDT to explore & discuss skilled humor. | Leading Morale Leadership

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Leaders, Leave Meetings. Get to a Meeting of the Minds!

Leaders, in the workplace we have multicultural teams, virtual technology, global reach & still ineffective meetings. Here’s 8 reasons from The People-Skills Coach™ to try a meeting of the minds instead!

Extreme Humorous Lessons on a Bizarre Customer Experience

10 lessons learned from customer sevice and care gone wrong with a toxic perfectionist eye doctor. Wait until you read this. I couldn’t make this stuff up. Add your healthcare customer experience insights!

People-Skills: 6 Subtle Signs You Annoy Your Boss

If you annoy the boss and don’t know it, you may pay a price you didn’t expect. If these 6 things have happened to you, it’s time to improve your people-skills!

People Skills: Humorous Hints to Communicate Well

Are there some people whose communication style makes you run the other way? Boost your people skills (soft skills) to deal w/those you dread. Helpful hints – laugh and learn…