What Impacts Human Behavior? Join People Skills Chat Aug. 14th

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In People Skills global Twitter chat SUN. Aug. 14 (#PeopleSkills), we will explore what impacts human behavior. JOIN The People Skills Coach™ & community.

People Skills Legacy Chat 12/22/13: What Is Yours? #peopleskills

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How do you impact others? Join #peopleskills Twitter chat Sun. 10am ET w/ host: Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™ & global community to explore “What Is Your People Skills Legacy?”

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People Skills: Are You Surprised By Effect of This Phrase?

People skills reminder: Image is the word mindful.

People skills allow us to communicate honestly w/o offending others. Here’s ONE phrase to avoid to speak well without offending others!

Leaders, Do You Prefer Self-Sufficient Team Members?

Leaders, do you prefer high performing self-sufficient team members even if they resist input and help from others? What if they are highly experienced and knowledgeable? The impact on the success of the business …

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