Sales & Customer Service Leaders: 3 Green Principles

Sales & Customer Service Leaders – We can learn many things from the green movement and apply those lessons to sales and customer service. Here are 3 principles that will sustain and renew our businesses with financial ($ green) success!

Do Leaders Really Promote on People Skills?

If you are still calling people skills, soft skills, you may decide to promote staff for something other than their ability to lead in today’s business world. People skills prowess is a complex and refined ability to inspire people to produce hard tangible results. Would you promote a staff member based on this or on some other criterion? Read more and share your thoughts …

Inspire Teamwork in USA: Recognize Individual Contributions

Contrary to popular belief, there is an “I” in team. A team result needs individual efforts and overlooking that reduces workplace morale in Western cultures. Especially in the USA, recognize individual contributions to fuel and inspire long term teamwork. Here are 3 steps to achieving this …

Leaders, How Do You Inspire & Engage Nuts-and-Bolts Teams?

Leaders, new and experienced, must inspire infrastructure behind the scenes support teams how they are an essential piece. One proven technique…

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