Strength of Grace: JOIN in Our Topic in Global #Peopleskills Chat 4/20

Putting People Down: Image is people skills logo.

What is the strength of grace in our lives? JOIN us in #peopleskills global Twitter chat to explore grace in all its meanings and the space it has in our lives. Host: The People Skills Coach™.

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Engaging Employees to Succeed at Integrity? #leadership

Engaging Employees: Image is the word Ethics held up by hands.

Leaders, are you engaging employees to work w/ with integrity & ethically or mostly to meet dept. goals? Lessons learned from big corporations!

Superior Customer Experience: Revenue or Integrity? #cx #wireless

Superior Customer Experience: Image is sign "The Way Forward"

Wireless providers, embrace the smartphone kill switch to deliver a superior customer experience. Reinvent don’t hold onto the status quo to preserve revenue. You can have innovation AND revenue!

Superior Customer Service & #Sales: But 1st – Integrity! #custserv

Superior Customer Service & Sales: Image is humanoid lassoing a star.

When customers call for help, give them superior customer service before selling them something else. Your integrity builds trust which secures more sales. Advice from The People-Skills Coach™ after 25 years in business.

People Skills Chat 9/8/13: Servant Leadership & #Peopleskills

People Skills Global Chat Logo

Join Twitter people skills chat (#Peopleskills) Sun. 9/8/13 10 am ET to explore Servant Leadership and People Skills. Host: Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™.

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Leadership: Change vs Inconsistency

Leadership: Change vs Inconsistency Image is a Changing World

Change vs inconsistency – successful leaders know the key differences & stop change resistors from misguiding everyone. Insight fr The People-Skills Coach™.

People Skills Integrity & Authenticity

People Skills Integrity Shown as Mountain Spring

The phrase people skills elicits different responses. Some picture evils of manipulation. Others, caring influence. The difference and the good news fr The People Skills Coach™.

Superior Customer Service: Remove the Threat of One Phrase

Mislabelled Personality Conflict: Image is cracked eggs.

A popular phrase used today by customer service leaders and business owners threatens the integrity of our service profession. Here’s a winning alternative fr The People-Skills Coach™.

Leading Leaders: Remove The Backfire of Ambush

Leaders, do you really walk the talk or weaken in the face of employee resistance? Do you ambush your managers as a result? Here’s a true case study from The People-Skills Coach™ highlighting 6 critical effects on bottom line results.

Leadership: Never Confuse Humility and Humiliation

Leaders, humility sustains everyone while humiliation destroys most. Lead with humility in the following 6 ways and watch the respect and success soar!

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