Equanimity in Success: JOIN Global #PeopleSkillsChat March 7th 10am ET

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Do you have equanimity & balance in success? JOIN Twitter global #PeopleSkillsChat Sun. Mach 7th at 10am EST w/ host Kate Nasser The People Skills Coach™ to explore it.

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Leaders: Replace the No Whining Sign w/ This | #Leadership #PeopleSkills

Leaders & managers, instead of demeaning people w/ “stop whining”, lead this way for results. Leadership insights fr Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™.

Exciting Passion: JOIN People Skills Global Chat Jan. 7th | #PeopleSkills

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JOIN People Skills global Twitter chat 6th year Jan. 7th to explore exciting passion! Host: Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™. | Leadership & Teamwork.

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Positive People Skills Choices: JOIN #PeopleSkills Chat Nov. 12th

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What positive people skills choices inspire you & make for happier life? JOIN #PeopleSkills global Twitter chat w/ host Kate Nasser The People Skills Coach™

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Leadership Dilemma: Self-Serving High Performing Team Member

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A very telling teamwork case study of a leadership dilemma with a self-serving team member. Lessons learned from Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™.

People Skills Shock: Leaders, Would Your Teams Ever Say This?

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People Skills Shock: Leaders would your teams say people skills aren’t needed because business isn’t personal? The People Skills Coach™ tells how to reply.

Random Acts of Kindness: JOIN #Peopleskills Chat 6/28 10amEDT

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JOIN The People Skills Coach™ & community for #Peopleskills global Twitter chat June 28th 10amEDT on Random Acts of Kindness.

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Leaders, Are We Accomplices to Passive Aggressive Team Members?

Leaders, passive aggressive behavior in the workplace can disengage team members & lower results IF we allow it. Here are critical insights and tips to prevent it or at least be the cure of this team toxin.

Customer Experience: Every Move We Make, Every Vow We Break

Super customer experience comes not from procedures but from awareness of customer perspective & delivery to it. 3 key insights to be in harmony with customers!

Leaders, 5 Legacy Attitudes to Replace for Employee Engagement

Traditional leadership beliefs hang on and squelch employee engagement, so needed to reach results. If you still hold these 5 attitudes, replace them for maximum success.

Leaders, 12 Worthy Kudos to Spark Employee Engagement

Leaders, we can spark employee engagement with worthy kudos of employees’ natural strengths and talents. It’s a no cost and high return investment. Here are 12 and I hope you will add more!

New Leaders, 10 Gritty Questions to Define Teamwork

New leaders, how do you define teamwork? Beyond the common expectation of working together to achieve the end result, there are much deeper issues to address. Think them through with these 10 gritty questions to be ready to lead your teams!

Want Success? Don’t Let Fear Be the Gum on Your Shoe

Image is "Shoe w/ gum stuck."

Stuck in a rut even though you see what to do and where to go? Fear doesn’t have to be the gum on your shoe. Here’s the one step that removes the gum.

Turn 5 Collaboration Sinkers into Stimulants

What we say can stimulate or sink innovative collaboration. Here are 4 real life examples of collaboration sinkers turned into stimulants with great people skills for outstanding results. Add your perspective to creating winning collaboration!

A Bold Question for Employee Engagement

One bold question can engage employees without creating the dreaded ‘entitled’ workforce that suffers from “me – itis”. Here’s the question. What do you think the answers will be?

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