Explore Morale Before You Take the Job! #PeopleSkills #Jobsearch

Explore Morale: Image is human w/ arms outstretched in the sun.

Before you take the job, explore morale! Insights from personal & professional experience of Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™ Author of Leading Morale. | Career & Job Search Tips.

Interview Tips for #Leadership Jobs: I vs. We #peopleskills

Interview Tips: Image is blank humanoid figure shrugging.

Here’s the real reason why interviewers need to hear the word “I” if you want the leadership job. Interview tips fr The People Skills Coach™.

Hiring Interviews: #HR Please Replace the Weakness Question w/ This

Hiring Interview Question: Image is an Optical Illusion

Hiring managers and leaders: Replace the tired ‘What’s Your Weakness’ interview question w/ this one & attract top talent. Tips fr The People Skills Coach™.

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Hiring My Pleasure Employees for Super Customer Experience

Job candidates for customer service & care that use the phrase my pleasure & no problem can shine. If you understand what these phrases really mean, you will not mistake it for selfishness. Hire this natural talent for super customer experience & self-sustaining morale!

Going Global: The Magic Power of Color for Success

Guest blogger and executive intercultural coach, Anne Egros, discusses the magic power of color for success. Whether you are interviewing for a job, creating a brand marketing campaign, or interacting with business colleagues around the globe, you can benefit from knowing the intercultural meanings of color.