New Job People Skills: Use These Essentials | #PeopleSkills

New Job People Skills: Image is Being at Office on Day One.

You have a new position. Use these essential new job people skills for a positive start & great finish! Latest career tips fr Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™. | Leadership & Teamwork

Beneath the Exterior, What Do Leaders See in You?

If you want career success, ask yourself what leaders and others actually see in you? Then realize that your own perspective is often very different than the outside view. Here are 3 steps to closing that gap and finding true career happiness & success.

7 Do-or-Die Questions to Succeed as the Sudden Leader

You’ve heard the title before: interim leader or acting manager. I dub this position sudden leader because the need often arises suddenly and is quite often temporary. Sudden interim leaders often don’t know those they will lead or they know them as peers. They are tapped to fill a gap and thrust with no trust. […]

Success in Two Words – Be Memorable.

Being different gets you noticed. But to be successful you must be memorable. Reasons why and 3 steps to getting there.

People Skills: Be Deserving Not Entitled

Workplace relationships can sometimes be damaged or enhanced with just ONE word. In this case leaders, consider whether you would rather be “deserving” or “entitled”. What’s your vote?

Get That Job: Mindset Beyond the Ad

You see an ad for that job you want. It lists many skill sets. You have some not all. How do you get that job? Build a mindset beyond the job ad with these questions …

Soft Skills Employers Need – 3 Solid Steps

Soft skills top employers’ lists of desired qualities and here are 3 solid tips to improving the soft skill of communication. From Kate Nasser, The People-Skills Coach.

For Effective Hiring in 21st Century, Engage Candidates in Action Interviews

To hire the best talent in the 21st century, engage job candidates in action interviews. Posing questions to job candidates in interviews, no matter how behaviorally based, won’t show what they will actually contribute.

Older Job Seekers – Leverage You!

Baby Boomers & Gen X out of work? How will you compete with the younger workers for jobs? Leverage “you”. Prepare simple statements that explain why you over the younger workers. Samples …