People Skills Learning: Why We Label People & How to Stop | #PeopleSkills

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Labeling people is a bad habit. Here’s why people do it & how to stop. More great people skills learning for leadership, teamwork, and customer service with Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™.

Leadership: Leading Beyond the Labels

Corporate & business labels abound — job titles, departments, processes. They can aid communication & also limit success. Do you and your teams use labels to limit or use labels to speed communication as you explore/innovate? Here’s how to find out and succeed beyond the labels.

Natalie Munroe Mistake: People Skills Lessons for Leaders

The internet is abuzz with Central Bucks PA teacher, Natalie Munroe’s blog labeling her students as whiny and lazy. As soon as I heard the story, I knew that Natalie had made a classic people skills mistake. Labels never inspire and always leave scars! Here are 5 lessons learned for all leaders, teachers, and team members. Read more …